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Shareholder Information

We appreciate the trust you place in DMB Community Bank, and we work hard to ensure both our bank and the communities we serve, continue to prosper.  Your investment in DMB is important as it allows us to make local decisions and provide loans and financial services to small businesses and families right here in our “neighborhood.”  Together we can help ensure our communities remain great places to work, live and play.

Shareholder Account Administration

For questions regarding your share information, including transfer and direct deposit forms, please contact Rachel Larson at (608) 846-8443 or email Rachel.


Limited Shares Available

We occasionally have limited shares of DMB Corporation, Inc., stock available for purchase.  Please contact Rachel Larson at (608) 846-8443 or email Rachel if you, or someone you know, is interested in purchasing additional stock.  Due to the limited shares available, we are offering them on a first come basis, but will also be taking names as we update our waiting list for future stock availability.

 Refer Your Friends

We’re confident you realize what a great investment DMB Community Bank is, but do you know how great it is to bank here?  If you’re not already banking with us, we ask you to consider using our products and services.  Our experienced staff can assist you with selecting the best products and services to meet your financial needs.  Once you're familiar with our products, you can help us grow by referring your family and friends to DMB.


DMB Corporation, Inc. Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding your investment in DMB Corporation, please contact Rachel Larson at (608) 846-8443 or e-mail Rachel.

DMB Locations

321 North Main St. Suite 100

Census Tract  #0133.02

10 Terrace Ct. Suite 100

Census Tract  #0114.05

(608) 846-3711
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