Mission Statement

DMB Community Bank Mission Statement

 “To meet the financial needs of our customers and community, remaining profitable and independent.”

The DMB Community Bank “Mission Statement” was derived from the following principles and objectives:
  • To be a profitable, independent community bank.
  • To develop a challenged, well-trained, strongly motivated, customer orientated staff to be fairly rewarded for highly productive work.
  • To provide a reasonable return for our stockholders and to promote a fair market for their stock.
  • To continue to serve the financial needs of our immediate communities with emphasis on the agricultural, consumer, residential, business and professional segments of our market.
  • To maximize the potential total relationship of our clients by leveraging the strengths and services of the bank and its subsidiaries/ventures.
  • To constantly evaluate opportunities other than traditional banking services for income production.
  • To maintain excellent personalized and professional customer service with emphasis on close relationships with all customers.
  • To operate independently, to pool resources, management, technical expertise, and personnel when it enhances productivity.
  • To promote the spirit of the Community Reinvestment Act.


DMB Locations

321 North Main St.
(608) 846-3711
(800) 915-3711
Census Tract  #0133.02