Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit

The ultimate in banking convenience – it’s like having a teller right in your office! DMB Remote Deposit is ideal for businesses with frequent non-cash deposits. Using a computer and check scanner, you can securely submit your deposit to the bank electronically.

  • Eliminate daily trips to the bank, courier costs and mail delays.
  • Reduce transportation expenses and employee travel time.
  • Eliminate fees and reconciliation expenses by consolidating multiple banking relationships.
  • Extend deposit deadlines - - business can send deposits up to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.
  • Archive check images and deposit data.
  • Secure transmissions for reduced risk.
  • Improved cash management and funds availability since funds can clear sooner and increase cash flow
Contact our Loan Officers to learn if DMB Remote Deposit is right for your business or to request a demonstration.


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