Debit Card

Debit Card

DMB is now offering Debit Cards with a new fraud monitoring system.  If a suspicious transaction is detected on your debit card, you will be notified by a text message.  All you need to do is respond to the text message and confirm the transaction.  If you indicate the transaction is fraud, you will receive another message with a phone number to call for followup.  For additional information regarding this new card feature, click here.

Leave the checks at home! DMB Debit Cards are so easy to use!
  • Use for purchases – at stores, online, or over the phone.
  • Eliminate the need to write checks or carry cash.
  • Cash withdrawals available at ATMs throughout the country.
  • Transfer funds between linked accounts.
  • Login online to track Debit Card activity in real time.
  • Surcharge free cash withdrawals through the ATM Access Network.

Click Here to print a Debit Card application.  Please fax or mail completed form to DMB Community Bank.  Signatures are required.  By signing this application you acknowledge downloading and reading the Regulation E Disclosure.  This regulation will govern your protective rights.  If you don't have a printer, please Contact Us and we will send you a copy of the disclosure.

If you report a lost or stolen DMB Debit Card, please contact DMB Community Bank on the next business day to confirm a replacement card has been ordered.
Report Lost or Stolen Debit Card: (800) 472-3272


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