Checking Accounts

DMB Community Bank offers several checking options. Whether you’re looking for just a simple checking account, an interest-bearing option or something with a few more bells and whistles, we have the account to meet your needs. Further enhance your banking experience by enrolling for DMB’s Online Banking with Bill Pay and by applying for a DMB Debit Card to have anytime access to your accounts!



NOW Checking
Opening Balance $100  $100 $1,000
Average Balance to Avoid Service Charge N/A  $500 in Checking, or $1,000 in Savings, or $2,500 in CD* $1,000 in Checking, or $2,000 in Savings, or $5,000 in CD
Service Charge $.25 per Check Fee
Over 10/Month 
$5 $7 and
$ .25 Per Debit
Interest Bearing No  No Yes, Two Interest Tiers

*Waived for primary account holders under the age of 18 or 50 years or better.

Green Checking - Save the environment with paperless banking.  Eco-friendly and eco-nomical.  With an opening balance of only $100, enjoy free online banking, electronic statements, online check images, bill pay services, and your first 10 checks per month are free.  Minimize your carbon footprint, save paper, and reduce fuel costs and air pollution by using our convenient and environmentally friendly Green Checking.

Relationship Checking – You can open this account with just a $100 deposit.  With an average balance in your checking, savings or CD, you can enjoy unlimited check writing with no additional cost.   Put your combined DMB relationship accounts to work for you!

NOW Checking – Put your money to work for you! This account offers you all of the conveniences of a checking account and pays you interest at the same time. You can open a NOW Checking account with just a $1,000 deposit. This account offers tiered interest, so the more you keep on deposit, the higher the interest rate. Click here to see our current rates.  

Health Savings Account – Also known as an HSA, this account, despite it’s name, is a checking account. A Health Savings Account is an account you can put money into to save for future medical expenses. There are certain advantages to putting money into these accounts, including favorable tax treatment. For more information on the eligibility and tax implications of HSA accounts, Click here to go to the Internal Revenue Service's  HSA website.

You can open a Health Savings Account at DMB with a $25 deposit. Maintain a $1,000 balance and we’ll waive the $5 monthly service charge. This account offers tiered interest, so the more you keep on deposit, the higher the interest rate. Click here to see our current rates. For the convenience of paying your medical expenses, DMB offers personalized Health Savings Account checks and a Health Savings Account Debit Card.


For more information on our checking products and services or to request an account disclosure, please Contact Us or call a Financial Services Representative at 608-846-3711.

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