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Saturday, April 19, 2014

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815 South Main St.
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A Quick Glimpse of the History of DMB Community Bank

1922 The Bank of DeForest, now known as DMB Community Bank, was chartered with capital of $15,000 and three employees. 
1929 Several mergers occurred in the early history of the bank. Windsor State Bank was chartered in 1914 and after the financial depression in the late 1920s, the stockholders voted to merge assets with the Bank of DeForest. 
1933 The Morrisonville State Bank (constructed in 1902) merged with the Bank of DeForest.  Bank name was changed to DeForest-Morrisonville Bank.
1955 The Bank reported $2,500,000 in assets.
1957 A new bank building was constructed on Durkee Street (currently the Village of DeForest) with a drive-up window.  The bank employed 7 steady employees, 1 part-time person and 2 custodians.
1965 The Bank reported $4,900,000 in assets.
1971 The Lake Windsor Branch was opened, and in 1976, a drive-up window was installed. 
1980 The Bank reported $20,000,000 in assets and net income of $253,000. The Bank employed 23 full and part-time employees.
1981  A new and larger main bank was constructed on Main Street. 
1991 The Bank reported $50,000,000 in assets and net income of $592,000. The Bank had 34 employees.
1993 Lake Windsor Branch was remodeled, and DMB partnered with David York and the Investment Centre. 
1997 The Main Bank expanded from 12,000 square feet to 24,000 square feet.
1999 Name changed to DMB Community Bank to better represent the customers that we serve. The Bank purchased Traugott Insurance Agency and formed DMB Insurance Services.
2001 Reported $100,000,000 in assets and net income of $1,147,000. The Bank had 49 employees.
2002 South Main Branch Bank was opened.
2012 Celebrating our 90 year anniversary with 56 employees and $320,000,000 in assets.  Closed and consolidated our Windsor branch to DeForest.