Easy Switch

Interested in moving your accounts to DMB but don’t want the hassle? With DMB’s Easy Switch service, we do all the work for you.  Just take a few minutes to complete the forms listed below, and we can take care of getting your account switched to DMB.

  • DMB will transfer your automatic payments and deposits
  • DMB will help you close your old account
  • Receive a coupon for $100 toward the closing costs on the purchase or refinance of your home mortgage
  • Receive a free introductory box of personalized checks
Click here to download an Easy Switch Program Worksheet to help you organize your monthly deposits and debits.  Click here to print an Authorization to Change form which is needed for each company or organization with which you have an automatic payment(s).  For more information on our Easy Switch service, please Contact Us or call a Financial Services Representative at 608-846-3711.